as the Fauxhawk turns: an enlightening thread from my facebook

Feb 19, 2010

Michelle May a nurse is trying to set me up with a doc- he has a fauxhawk & wears cowboy boots- do i do it? Laticia Erving likes this. Vivian A Lapp yes! January 25 at 7:14pm · Ben Chadwick People with fauxhawks are capable of causing skin rashes from hundreds of feet away. January ...

real men:  the Bombeiros

real men: the Bombeiros

Feb 7, 2010

I live in San Francisco- for those of you are not familiar, there is a dire shortage of men here who are, shall i say, real men… ones who treat ladies well, are hard working, responsible, mature, & well mannered…. enter: the Portuguese Bombeiros. One night at the tent hospital in Port au Prince, I was fast asleep after an ...