Greetings from Burma

Posted on Jul 29, 2013 in Burma, Meditation, Vipassana
Greetings from Burma

I’m back from Burma… It’s been a long time… Since blogging last, I traveled to Libya 5 times (!?), many of those visits involved assisting with trauma & education training efforts.. there were also trips to Tunis, Doha, Bangkok, Miami, and, Madrid (!). But back to Burma: for a while now, my body, mind and soul craved a massive slow down & absolute silence. I resisted giving in to the urge, until there was really no choice. During a ten day silent meditation course in Burma’s capital, Yangon, I finally got the silence I was seeking, and gained a new sense peace & appreciation (more on this when I can keep my eyes open). I highly recommend doing a free 10 day Vipassana course. They are offered in cities around the world. You can check them out here: Muah… xxoo

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