From “bring a pot to piss in & all your own water” to Geraldo Rivera & AC on overdrive

Posted on Jan 23, 2010 in Haiti

Okay Okay so we were told that we will have access to nothing- spoke to a man i will be working with who is very CIA-esque.. he had suggested bringing a free standing tent since we likely would not even have a stick or ground that could hold a tent up… I got advice on cleaning water using pens, filters, & the ole bleach & bandana method- but then i started receiving texts from Aaron (T-mobile & Verizon have waived roaming fees to & fro Haiti til 1/31.. AT&T has not- filthy bastards).  Here are Aaron’s texts:

logistically this place needs us.  Lots of people on the U of Miami base.  200 pax hospital and geraldo is next to me.

Phones work here.  Tmobile is free.  People have comps and I am working with a guy to set up wifi

Computers are likely safe here

Tent and mosquito net not at all necessary.  They have a huge communal tent w/ cots.

don’t need to bring water, maybe powered gatorade.  Maybe bring some water but don’t load up tho

There are pallets of water here.  At night it is COLD!  Sleeping bag is a must!

.. it was then clarified that it was so cold at night b/c they crank the AC in the tent at night!  so a bit different than we were bracing ourselves for.  I asked Aaron about coffee (if I have that i can do anything) he said there is coffee in the CNN tent- I was advised to bring makeup & be ready to bat my eyelashes.  Will keep you updated- clearly there is wi-fi.  When not working, i’ll blog.  xoxo

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